These days when I go to work, I got to 40 Marcus Clarke Street in the city. I’m lucky to be sharing space with James Willson and the crew from Cre8ive. It’s awesome !

But you know what ? One of the things I love about my new role is the flexibility.

Today, I think I’ll work from home….coz I can.

There are no meetings scheduled today and so I figured I’d just work from home.

It’ll still be a very busy day. There’s a lot of content creation to be done. I have a couple of proposals to be finalised and some videos to edit. I think I’ll remove the commute time, stay in my PJ’s for a while and just work away here.

How do you go working from home ? Are the distractions too great ? The parking is definitely cheaper and the coffee is just as good. I better get into it.