I get sick to death of talking to Canberrans on my radio program who are against high rise development of any description.

For some, their definition of ‘high rise’ is anything above 3 storeys.
Guys ! We are the capital city of Australia. Our population is edging towards 400,000. At some stage we have to go up. It’s inevitable.

The Canberra Times are this morning quoting prolific Canberra architect Rodney Moss on this topic.

He says that

“one day, older people in Woden, who have been hostile towards high-rise developments, will ask why Belconnen has grown and their suburb has not.
The Cox Humphries Moss director said his firm had designed appropriate residential towers along Melrose Drive in Woden town centre on behalf of the Land Development Agency.
“We thought it was pretty good; it had active street frontages and varying accommodation,” Mr Moss said at the Density by Design planning forum.
“What happened in the end, the public outcry was so great that [then Planning Minister] Simon Corbell called it in and it is no longer a project.


Read the Canberra Times story here
Canberra needs to wake up and grow up.

I’m loving the way that Belconnen is growing up. It’s really starting to look like a genuine town centre.

Nimbyism is one of the big things that can hold this town back.

Are you with me on this ?