We need to talk.


I’ve made a decision which is going to effect both of us, well I daresay me more than you.


I love doing the radio, but I can’t do it anymore. I can’t do it. I want to do it, but I can’t.


This has been a tough call to make, but I’ve made it.


After 33 years of full time radio, I am closing the curtain.


After 16 years of broadcasting to Canberra as the sun rises, I have to turn off the microphone switch.


So why ?


Well, it just gets down to time.


I started a little marketing business in the middle of last year. It was just supposed to give me a bit of pocket money and provide some different challenges for me. I never dreamt it would go so well.


18 months on from the birth of PartonMe and this little enterprise of mine has exploded. It’s trajectory is more like an Apollo program rocket than a jet aircraft.


When PartonMe started I was advising 2 or 3 clients and doing most of the work from my lounge room in Tuggeranong. Today I have over a dozen clients and I’m co-located with Cre8ive in a funky office on Marcus Clarke Street in the city. For most of my clients it’s pure social media marketing. I construct ongoing social media campaigns for Canberra businesses, create most of the content and deliver it the various platforms. And it’s working….far too well.


I’m not complaining about that, but the increased activity has created some insurmountable challenges for me. My alarm goes at 2.45am every week. I hit the road at 3.30am and get to the radio station around 4. I usually get out of Mitchell around 10 and head into ‘work’ in the city. There are many days when I’m still going at 5pm.image


I can’t do it anymore. It’s wearing me down.


As it stands now this business of mine should really take 8 to 10 hours a day. If you tack on a 6 hour radio day to that you end up with between 14 and 16 hours a day. Most days I’m only doing 12 which means I’m not completing everything that I need to complete.


As a consequence I’ve been letting down my radio employer and my listeners. I’ve been letting down some of my clients. I’ve been letting down my family and I’ve been letting myself down. I haven’t ridden the bike for 12 months which translates to about 4 kilograms in weight gain.


What I’m doing is not sustainable. Something has to give and after much soul searching, I’ve decided to be brave and finish up on the radio.


Courage was required here. I’ve been a PAYE taxpayer for 33 years. It’s a daunting prospect to then rely on whatever business you can create…whatever work you can do….whatever invoices you can write.


In the initial stages it’ll involve quite a savage income drop, but I’m backing myself to make it work.


I’m not far away from turning 50. As an optimist, perhaps this is the halfway point in my life and it’s time for a new direction.


Now, from a radio perspective it’s not the end.


I’ll be finishing up on this breakfast program on December 18, but I’m confident that you’ll hear me again on this frequency. I’m keen to continue an association with the radio station and they’re keen to continue an association with me.


There’s not many occasions when a long term breakfast announcer finishes up and without drama. There are no tears. There are no lawyers.


There’s still a little sadness and some uncertainty, but that’s the story from my perspective.


I must say thanks to Capital Radio for having me for 7 years. Thanks to Kevin Blyton right at the top….to General Managers Michael Jones and Graham Cron the man who employed me. Thanks to Program Director Pete Davidson and all of my producers along the way. Geoff Koop, David Sharaz, Jorian Gardner, Matty Mitchell and Bohdana Szydlik.


We’ve got a few weeks left, so I don’t want to get too bogged down in all of this stuff now….but I just wanted to put everyone in the picture.