There’s one simple reason that Malcolm Turnbull is the Prime Minister designate today.  Just one.

If Tony Abbott had taken the Liberal party to the next election he would have been defeated.  Many in the party have been aware of that for quite some time.  This week a selected few others were dragged over that line of acceptance and threw their support behind Turnbull.  They didn’t do so because they’d lost respect for Abbott, because they disliked the leader or they weren’t thankful for where he’s taken the Libs.  They just don’t want to see Bill Shorten as Prime Minister…it’s as simple as that.

imageThis was a poll led coup.

30 straight losses in Newspoll was the determining factor.

Abbott came to the leadership of the Liberal party when a wrecking ball was needed.  His job was to destroy Labor and that’s just what he did.  He dismantled two Prime Ministers and unseated what had been a very popular Government. The honeymoon was short. It didn’t taken long before his leadership style and far right idealism soured the party.

Elections in this country are not won on the far right or the far left, they’re won in the centre. The natural habitat of Turnbull.

Everyone’s taking about the captains calls and the gaffes, but I think the biggest reason that the polls are so bad is that Abbott, like Gillard and Rudd before him doesn’t connect with Australian voters. He’s a cumbersome, slogan driven public speaker who is never able to just have ‘a conversation’ when the microphone is on.  His rigid delivery, coupled with that ridiculously fake sounding laugh meant that Australians stopped believing what he said, and eventually stopped listening.image

Abbott was an easy sitting target for the loud left wing lynch mobs on social media….and even in mainstream media.  It was so easy to portray him as a misogynist political dinasaur who was pushing the country to a place that most of us didn’t want to go.

I find it a great pity because I was one of the few in the media backing Abbott on that fateful day that he won the Liberal leadership by one vote. I thought he was what the Libs needed then and that he would develop into a great leader. I was wrong.

So many listeners to my radio program see Malcolm Turnbull as the devil. They believe that he’s a member of the wrong party and that he doesn’t represent the Liberal party as they know it.  For at least 12 months I’ve been asking those listeners the same question……’If it came to a choice between Turnbull and Shorten as Prime Minister, who would you go with ?”

Today that’s the only that should matter to those conservatives.