I got into some fights on Twitter last night.

There was some rough and tumble because I asked this simple question.

“Why can’t we all just come together on Australia Day and celebrate the good things about his wonderful imagecountry ?”

“Easy for us whitebread to say.” said one twitter user.  Another suggested that they only really discovered this year how offensive ‘invasion day’ was to so many.

Guys, guys guys !  Seriously ?

When you celebrate your 86 year old uncles birthday do we stop the celebration to talk about that armed robbery he committed when he was 20 ? And then do we cancel his birthday party ? Do we just all sit around and talk about the damage that he did to the banking staff who were on that shift 66 years ago ?

No. We don’t do that. We just celebrate his life and focus on the good things that he’s done.

Why can’t we do that with Australia ?

Now, there are those who suggest that all we have to do is change the day and everything would be hunky dory ?

Really ?

So are you saying that if we moved Australia Day forward one day and did it on January 24th and declared that this was Sir Edmund Barton’s birthday and this would be the day that we celebrate Australia Day….are you telling me that then magically because this wasn’t ‘invasion day’ then everything would be good ?

What rubbish.

Australia Day works at the end of January.  It works there because for many many years we’ve set up things for Australia Day that revolve around that ‘end of the holiday season’ time.  Many of those things just wouldn’t work in April or November.

You can’t go with Federation Day.  New Years Day just practically wouldn’t work.

imageThere are those who believe that on Australia Day, we should all just sit around quietly in a dark room and consider how dastardly were the crimes that our forefathers committed ?

People please.  I’m not saying that dastardly things didn’t happen in the past.  All I’m saying is that we’re lucky enough to live in the best country on the planet.

Can’t we just all come together and celebrate the wonderful things about this non perfect country on Australia Day ?

Why does it have to be so complicated ?