What we’re seeing in Europe at the moment was so so predictable.

When Angela Merkel made it clear to millions of Syrian refugees that she would welcome them with open arms, what did she think would happen ?

Of course they were going to pull up stumps from the sprawling refugee camps in the middle east and try to make their way to Germany.

Part of the reason that we’ve witnessed those horrible scenes on the Hungarian border is because we now have at least a million people who’d like to go to Germany.syria

Angela Merkel wants the rest of Europe to open their hearts and open their doors…..they’re not going to. And they’re not going to for several reasons. They are economic reasons, they’re xenaphobic reasons and they are in many circumstances quite valid reasons about the cultural effect that potentially so many from places so far removed from their country could have on the way they’re nation runs. Is that racist ? I think it probably is, but it’s real.

We had such an outpouring of grief over the boy on the beach in Turkey and so many around the world expressed the misguided view that if Europe opened its borders that sort of tragedy would cease.

The opposite is of course the case.

When you give people a reason to get on a boat…..that’s just what they’ll do…..and quite a number of them will drown.

We saw more of it overnight.

refugees 2At least 13 migrants, including children, have died after their dinghy and a ferry collided off Turkey, the coastguard there says.

This boat was heading for Greece of course.  There was another incident over the weekend involving a missing boat and the potential for 26 others who have potentially lost their lives.

There are thousands of migrants who continue to cross borders in southern Europe and it’s only going to increase. There will be hundreds who end up drowning crossing to Greece.

This is why we stopped the boats, but that’s a whole other story.