What’s your favourite social media platform ?

Even if you’ve been dragged against your will into the vortex of social media, you must have a platform of choice.

My work as a social media marketer would suggest that for most people the answer is Facebook. Unless you’re a journalist and then there’s every chance it would be twitter.

Me, I’m an Instagram man.

Instagram is the social media platform that changed my life.  I know that sounds like a big call, but it’s the truth.

I was dragged onto Facebook by my radio co-host in 2007 as part of a radio stunt. I sorta got it, but to me it seemed like a great waste of time. As a consequence of parts of my life being so public, I ended up with a helluva lot of friends.  I like Facebook, but I don’t open it up as soon as I wake every morning. When I go to Facebook, I’m more checking in on clients than on my account.

I was an early adopter of Twitter and I used it to it’s fullest extent as a radio journalist. On Twitter you can connect to people that you couldn’t find any other way and I think that’s the beauty of it.

And then came Instagram.

I got on Instagram around 3 years ago as an iPhone photographer. My early photos were off family events and things going on in my house. They weren’t good.

At the start my love of Instagram was based on those images. I adored the fact that I could tap into the account of a Colombian taxi driver and see what was happening in Bogota 10 minutes ago. I fell in love with Greek sunrises and Parisian scenes. Indian streets, African deserts and Norwegian fjords captured my attention and I was hooked.  To me it was a way to whip around the world on your phone instantly.image

I developed a number of favourite Instagrammers and began to learn how they took their images…..how they framed their shots, how they edited them and the like. It influenced what I did on my account. I started thinking a lot more about what I took and how I took it. I downloaded the Adobe photo editing app and started to learn how to use it.

After a while I began attracting followers to my account. I shared some of my photos on other social media platforms and friends of mine began to tell me that they liked my photos. In the early days, my photos were too heavily edited because I was trying to catch as much attention as I possibly could. I remember how chuffed I was the first time I got 100 likes on a photo….and I even remember which one it was. 3922 (2) Very soon I cracked it for a 1000 followers and then 2000.

The first paid work that I got as a social media marketer was as a consequence of my Instagram account. My friend Ivan Slavich who runs Trident Corporate Services invited me to join his social media team because he ‘loved my photos’.  Soon after I joined the Trident team, I decided to get serious and get myself a real camera.

I bought a basic Nikon DSLR and before too long I owned more lenses than I owned suits.

Soon afterwards I started my own social media marketing business and in recent weeks, I finished up my 30 year radio career to concentrate on building it further.

Although most of my clients get more traction on Facebook and Twitter and even LinkedIn, Instagram remains my personal favourite.

For me Instagram is about capturing a moment. It’s about showing the rest of the world how you see the world. It’s about art, about emotion and just plain showing off. I don’t classify myself as a photographer. I’m just an old man messing around on Instagram.

You can find me on Instagram as @partonme_