I interviewed Glen Campbell during his national tour of 2010.

At least I think it was 2010….I can’t quite remember when his last Australia tour was. Please correct me if you know.

The tour included a show in Canberra and my radio station, 2CC was promoting the show. As such it was supposed to be a ‘friendly’ interview to help get ‘bums on seats’ for the show.

Our interview was tough going.

It was a phone interview and Glen wasn’t quite there. He was nervous and very unsure of himself.  When we were talking about the old times he was all good, but as soon as discussion got on to specific tour details or basic day to day information, he was cactus.

“Where are you geographically right now ?” I asked.image

He didn’t know.  I could hear him move his mouth away from the phone and ask his wife.  She told him and he repeated the information. He didn’t know anything about the tour, anything about what he did today or yesterday and it was very clear to me that this was a man on the start of a harrowing journey.

I ended up having to savagely edit the interview so that we could play it on air because in it’s original form it was more an advertisement to not go to the show rather than an enticement to book tickets.  I’m told that the performance on the night was wonderful nevertheless.  Glen Campbell is the consumate showman, although not such much these days.

Glen Campbell conceded soon after our interview that he was suffering from Alzheimers disease.

Australia was  going to be treated to final tour last year, but it was cancelled due to medical advice.

Watching the lights slowly fade on someone you love is a harrowing experience.  Glen Campbell has now  finished playing publicly, but last month he released a final song.  It’s a heart breaking ballad….a love letter to his wife of 30+ years and a part of his coming to terms with his illness.

Glen Campbell….we’re all going to miss you.