Science baffles me. Always has. I could always get my head around English and History and Geography at school, but science confused the hell out of me.

I take my hat off to all of those smart cookies who research and invent things in labs around the country and this morning I pay tribute to one of them.

Congratulations to Professor Carola Vinuesa from the ANU. Carola won the inaugural CSL Young Florey Medal at the Association of Australian Medical Research Institute annual dinner in Canberra last night. Carola spends her life researching our immune system and how it produces antibodies to fight disease. This is such wonderfully important work. It’s the sort of work that may eventually have a massive impact on how we deal with an crisis like Ebola.lab

Her work has centred around autoimmune diseases…things like juvenile diabetes and lupus.

So much of this super important work goes on here Canberra and as a city we should be very very proud.

The Canberra Times have told us this morning that Professor Vinuesa felt “privileged and incredibly honoured” to have been recognised for her work.

“This award is particularly welcome and appreciated at this point in my career, after years of very hard work and trying to balance it with raising two daughters,” she said.
“This is a particularly tough career for women after they hit maternity because of its competitive nature.”

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