I am so sick of talking about the light rail project in Canberra.

I get the feeling that Capital Metro Minister Simon Corbell is too.

Simon spoke to me this morning on the radio show, but he didn’t say anything.

Fairfax Media have done some sums on the Light Rail cost…that magical figure of $614 Million, that nobody actually believes will be the final figure. They’ve taken inflation into account and suggested a figure of $760 million by the time the train is rolling down the track.

Simon Corbell won’t confirm or deny. Won’t give us a ball park figure. Won’t tell us how much it’s going to operate on a year by year basis.

Nothing factual from the Government is going to emerge until they lay the business case on the table.

They’ve got all of the data now….but it’s secret.

I get the feeling that the numbers aren’t as good as they’d like them to be.

I spoke with Simon and Alistair Coe on the radio this morning.

Have a listen.

Simon Corbell and Alistair Coe on Radio 2CC talking Capital Metro