You cannot be put vegemite in Chocolate.

As a concept it just doesn’t work. What the hell were they thinking at Cadbury.

Someone needs to be fired for this. I think someone needs to be deported.

Cadbury Australia made this corker of an announcement yesterday. I thought it was a joke. It’s not.

Vegemite is very Australian. Nobody else gets it and they never ever will. We don’t really care.vegemite choc

I have toast and vegemite every day for breakfast at around 5 in the morning in here. Like many Australians I have a serious attachment to this black superfood.  I love my chocolate. It has to be kept in the fridge…a long way from the vegemite.

Cadbury is mocking our national tradition by putting it in chocolate.

Those garbos who blockaded the SBS offices in protest at Struggle Street need to be heading straight over to Cadbury…coz they can’t do this to us.

Tony Abbott needs to act now. I’d be expecting a Prime Ministerial press conference before 9 this morning.

morrisonIn the first instance Scott Morrison needs to be appointed as the Federal Minister for Chocolate and he will be turning the chocolate bars back

Listener Mal sent me an SMS this morning he said.

Mark the vegemite chocolate was supposed to be released 1st April but they couldn’t get halal certification. You have just joined the left wing trendies but saying Abbott must fix it – implying it is all his fault. 

Quite the opposite Mal. I think Tony Abbott is a man of action who will see the need to fix this stuff up.

In all seriousness, would you try this combo ? Leave me out.