Do you still have all of your TV stations ?

If you’re in the Woden Valley, Weston Creek or Tuggeranong, you may have lost a few of them yesterday.

This is outrageous !!

It’s not your TV. It’s got nothing to do with jihad or global

This is a part of a national digital retune and at some stage it’s probably going to effect you.

At the end of this exercise, it’s my understanding that every television frequency in the nation will change slightly.

Television services in Weston Creek and Woden were effected yesterday. Tomorrow Tuggeranong is the hot spot.

Tomorrow in the Tuggeranong Valley you may lose TV services altogether between 9.30am and 3.30pm.

Does anybody actually watch TV anymore ?

If this effects your TV, don’t panic. Don’t ring Malcolm Turnbull. Don’t get up out of your lounge chair and take the dog for a walk. The shock of it may see the dog have a heart attack.

Don’t revert to having real time conversations with people from your household or get out in the garden….there’s no need for this extreme behaviour.

What you need to do is sit in your lounge chair and grumble…and don’t just grumble a bit, go hard.

Then from 3.30 you can retune your TV in the same way you would if you were setting up the TV from scratch.

….and in breaking news, if you’ve somehow managed escape all of the drama of the TV retune this time around, fear not, your time will come.

If you have trouble retuning your TV, perhaps consider becoming a Buddhist….or call 1800 20 10 13.