To all of my radio listeners thanks for a massive 2014.

It was a triumphant year for my breakfast program, culminating with the ‘Best Talk Presenter’ award at the Australian Commercial Radio Awards.image

I couldn’t do any of it without the support staff at 2CC, Capital Radio. Geoff Koop has been a rock as the producer of the program this year.  Thanks to the crew in the newsroom including the now departed Steph McDonald, Liam Denney, Letitia Wallace and Rochae Murdoch.  Pete Davidson continues to steer the ship as Program Director and thanks also to Chris Mac for filling in when required.

We took hundreds of callers during the year.  So what were they talking about ? What were the hot buttons ? Well here are the top 8 talkback topics from my program for the year.

8. Canberra Raiders – Another disappointing year from the ‘Green Machine’.  The ‘Ricky haters’ formed an angry mob on the talkback lines. They were uncompromising and unforgiving.  Many of them would still have been critical if the Raiders had made the Grand Final. Missing the finals and losing so many games at home created a lot of negative emotion on the airwaves. Let’s hope it’s a better year in 2015. I’m sure it will be.

7. Untidy Canberra – Canberrans have long memories. They remember the years leading up to self Government when the feds were in control. They remember the days when money was no object. I’m still astounded at the number of calls that I get about long grass and graffiti.  People want their city to look pristine…and it doesn’t right now.

6. Federal Budget – Many callers for and against the Abbott Government. I had many discussion with a large range of voters about the ‘age of entitlement, paid parental leave, the changes to university funding and enormous trouble that Abbott and Hockey had in getting their budget passed.

5. Cyclists v Motorists – Perennial talkback fodder in Canberra. Motorists love putting the boots into cyclists and vice versa.  Taylor tell us that the ‘haters gonna hate,’ but for God’s sake, get a grip Canberra. Why can’t we just live together ?bikie war

4. Petrol Prices – Petrol prices in Canberra stayed around 20c a litre more expensive than Sydney.  There is nothing to justify that other than greed. Alan Evans from the NRMA continued to tell us that the reason for our skewed market was a lack of genuine competition. That competition arrived in December in the shape of Costco.  image

3. Terrorism and Religious Extremism – ISIS were keen to start a conversation in the west and that conversation was loud and spirited on my program.  The video beheadings during the year, the death of Numan Haider in Melbourne, the terror raids and the Martin Place siege all fired up this debate.  If the terrorists main aim was to cause fear then based on the call volume to my program, they’ve succeeded.


2. Mr Fluffy – The Mr Fluffy saga effects thousands of Canberrans. I took so many calls on this from effected householders and from pretty much everyone else who had an opinion on how we should deal with it. This story is a long way from over.image

1. Light Rail – 2CC listeners don’t want the light rail line and they voiced that opinion continuously during the year. I had a handful of pro Light Rail calls and close to 200 against it.  Many believe that this will be the pivotal issue at the 2016 election and they’ve made it very clear which way they’ll be voting as a consequence.