Dear Tony,

You’ve spent so much of your first year in office blaming the other mob for pretty much everything. You’re very keen for them to take responsibility, but we all think it’s time that you took responsibility for something, and I think you know what we’re talking about.

This is all pretty simple.  We all know that on the night before the election you said there’d be no cuts to the ABC and SBS. It doesn’t matter that this was just one interview. It doesn’t really matter that there have been efficiency dividends imposed on most of the public service, the fact of the matter is, Mr Abbott, you said there would be no cuts to the ABC and SBS.

It’s all a bit embarrassing now, and we know that, but how could you have responded to those questions from the pesky opposition in Parliament this week.

Well, here’s an idea.

“Yes, I did say there would be no cuts to the ABC and SBS on election eve. In retrospect, I wasn’t in a position to make that claim at the time. I was wrong to say it and I apologise.”3996

Try it. Try it on your own in front of the mirror first…and then try it in public.

I don’t accept that politicians can promise whatever they want in an election campaign and then dismiss it 12 months down the track and neither does the rest of the country.

I’m not opposed to the cuts to the ABC and SBS, but I am opposed to the weak and pathetic deflection and denial that we’ve seen this week.

Man up Mr Prime Minister.

Man up or this will become your ‘carbon tax moment’