There are so many married couples who hate each others guts.

They cannot stand the sight of each other, which is so desperately sad.

You often wonder how people who were once so in love with each other that they vowed and declared to share their lives side by side ’till death do us part’…you wonder how it could go so wrong.

But it does….often.

It looks as though Noor Ellis had taken those ’till death do us part’ words literally.

Noor is Indonesian. She was married to Englishman Robert Kelvin Ellis. He’s no longer with us. His body was found in Bali yesterday and by the looks he was killed professionally.

Who did it ? Well the coppers think his wife was responsible. There are unconfirmed reports this morning that she’s actually confessed to ordering a hit on her husband. One of the alleged killers has been arrested.bali rice field

We’re being told that there were many reasons for her paying these hitmen including serial adultery. There’s no mention of leaving socks on the bedroom floor or failing to take the rubbish out.

Robert Ellis was 60. He is a British national who spent a lot of time living here in Australia.

The latest from Indonesia is that three more people are being hunted for involvement in the death. The body was found wrapped in plastic and dumped in a ditch at Badung.