Mothers Day is the worst movie I’ve seen this year….and probably all of last year too.

Do you ever take a chance on a movie, and just go along to see it knowing nothing about it. We did that last night and lost out.

Luisa and I wasted a couple of hours of our lives by driving out in the rain to see Mothers Day….on Mothers Day. Bad call.

Prior to watching Mothers Day I had been of the belief that there was no possible way Americans could install Donald Trump as President. You leave the cinema knowing that any nation capable of making a movie as bad as this could be stupid enough to make the wrong call in October.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 9.42.28 amMothers Day is contrived, predictable, lowest common denominator, Z Grade sitcom humour.  It’s badly written, appallingly directed and just plain lame.  Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston should be ashamed. Garry Marshall should just stop making these movies.

Mothers Day is supposed to like Love Actually….that is, meld a number of stories together involving people and relationships and other drama. None of the stories are believable. The dialogue is so forced and contrived that you’d swear it was a stage show. From the opening scene we were quite literally waiting for it to end.  Indeed we went desperately close to just pulling the pin and leaving midstream.

You end up with little or no character development and certainly no emotional connection to anyone or anything this disaster.

The movie leaves you asking so many questions.

Who the hell chose Julia Roberts wig ? Does Garry Marshall have compromising photos of Kate Hudson ? Did they consider using a canned laughter track ?

I cannot overstate my opinion on this movie. It is diabolical. Don’t waste your time and money.