How are you going for spiders at your place ?

You don’t see many of the eight legged mongrels in the winter months in this town, but they’re emerging now.

I killed a white tail in the bedroom yesterday.

Aren’t they evil looking things ? Horrible little critters the white tails.white tail

You don’t want to be leaving clothes on the floor in the summer cos that’s where they tend to hide.  The one I got was up high on the bedroom wall.

I’ve never actually spoken someone who’s been bitten by one.  If you have suffered a white tail, I’d love to hear from you.

Legend has it that the white tail bite bloody hurts….but that it can also lead to this horrible skin condition where the skin gets all ‘wooden’.  You must have seen some of the pictures floating around online.  It looks horrible.

There are those who question whether the white tail is responsible for this condition.

I found this on an Australian spider bite website.

Hi all,

About 7 years ago I was bitten in my bed by a White Tail. I lived in Rosanna, Melbourne and our house was riddled with them. I woke up to a very painful stabbing sensation on my left leg. When I reached down with my hand I felt the thing roll up between my hand and my leg which killed it.
From that day I had a scar about the size of a 5c piece. The scar had a tendency to change shape slightly and occasionally it would itch a little.
I lived with this strange scar on my leg for 5 years. Every once in a while I would Google to see if there were any options. Still to this day the medical sites say there is no cure.

A year or so ago, after hearing an interview with a professor in the states on the effects of Hemp Seed Oil on skin cancers, I began applying hemp seed oil to the scar once a day.
The scar disappeared in approximately 3 weeks and never returned. No trace of it whatsoever.

From the research Ive done, it seems that the secret is to give the skin nutrients so it sorts out the scar on its own as opposed to trying to poison the scar. Let the body do the work.

I sincerely hope that this information helps someone.

On the overnight program this morning I heard a caller who suggested that there are funnel web spiders in Canberra….or at least in Queanbeyan.  He suggested that he was involved in construction of a number of the buildings at HMAS Harman and that there were heaps of funnel webs there at the time.

Do we really have funnel webs this far from Sydney. I’m a little skeptical.

Daphne rang me from Kingston this morning. She’s adamant that we have funnel webs at Urriara Forrest, and probably in the suburbs as well.

You’ve gotta love a classic Canberra huntsman spider just because of their size. Scarier looking monsters are the huntsmans, but rather gentle creatures.