The ninth annual National Breast Cancer Foundation Pink Dinner at the Hyatt Hotel had the perfect pink hued accoutrements decorating the ballroom, pink bow bikkies to have with coffee, a major raffle collection where just being there gave you a chance to win big and a grand final raffle prize of earrings with luscious pink argyle diamonds and perfect white diamond petals. So lovely and so precious that donor Michael Neuman of Mondial, kept his little pink box close by all night. My dinner companions, male medicos of the fun kind, were planning to share the spoils if they won, even contemplating a nose decoration each!pink

But it was the indefatigable Paul Walshe as MC who shone once again in his favourite pink suit, heading up the small committee of dedicated ‘pink ladies’ who make this event the glamour one of the year on our social whirl. The reason for that is they eschew the hard yards of big auctions, the time consuming process of silent auctions and just go with the appeal to the guests method, i.e. just fill in your credit card number and we’ll do the rest. And quietly and sincerely this generous Canberra crowd with a big percentage of regulars from the first event in the tent at Floriade, on to the spruced up Albert Hall and nowadays happily enjoying Hyatt hospitality support the cause.

Carole Renouf the CEO of the National Breast Cancer Foundation the guest speaker and while her speech is kept short by local committee chair Dorothy Service whose heard a few too many long ones in her life, Renouf was able to tell us the stats, explain the way forward in current research and identify the new target demographic, with the aim for zero deaths from breast cancer by 2

This year there were many younger ladies attending looking glam and having a great time epitomizing this target group for the NBCF efforts to raise awareness for them to be vigilant and alert to breast cancer, because it can happen to you and yours. And any chance of delivering on the zero will need more breast screening, particularly encouraging those who don’t want to even think about the possibility of cancer to have regular mammograms. Head in the sand wont make it better but getting in early and getting the right kind of help can save your life. It saved mine and I’d happily support making regular breast screening compulsory.

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