So we get the final installment of the Killing Season tonight on ABC Television.

There’s a bit of focus on that massive anti carbon tax rally from the lawns of Parliament House….when was that ? 2011 ? I think.

I was there for a little while. I saw the signs. There were some shockers. There were a number of signs that were in

But what we get on the Killing Season tonight is a suggestion from Julia Gillard and Greg Combet and Craig Emerson is that this should have been the moment that ended Tony Abbott’s career. Clearly it didn’t…and I don’t know that it should have.

Tony Abbott didn’t write these signs. He didn’t cajole people into bringing them to the rally.

Once he arrived at the rally and saw these signs, what was he to do ?ditch

Does anyone seriously believe that he should have turned around and walked away ? After promising to speak at this rally, how could he possibly have reneged on that and just left ?

He couldn’t.

This was a passionate political rally full of passionate people who wished to passionately express themselves….and they did.

There have been some nasty nasty things written on protest signs about Tony Abbott. Somehow they’re all OK because a. He’s a man…and you can say anything about men, And b. He’s an evil conservative…..and you can say anything about evil conservatives.

Combet and Gillard and Emerson think that Abbott’s political brand should have been so damaged by that day that he was unelectable. Clearly they’re not on the same page as the rest of the country