Saw The Maze Runner at Dendy’s in Canberra.


Love it.


Loved it from the opening scene to the very last.


The key to mystery movies is often the pay off…the solving of the mystery, but to some extent the movie loses a little of it’s sheen when the mystery is solved at the end.


I love being scared at the movies and the Maze Runner will scare the pants of you.


This  is Hunger Games and Lord of the Flies rolled into one, but it’s a helluva lot more. It’s the best movie I’ve seen in the Spring.  Granted Spring is only 5 weeks old, but hey, I’m suggesting that you should have a look at it.


I went along with my daughters who are 12 and 14 years respectively.  You know….it may well have been a little confronting for the 12 year old. The violence is as graphic as you’d want a 12 year old to see, but she hasn’t woken with nightmares in the days since we saw it….so that’s a win.


The Maze Runner opens with Thomas (Dylan O’Brien), in a darkened lift as he is being delivered to his new home. He’s lost his memory completely to the point that he can’t even remember his name. He finds himself a part of a Lord of the Flies style community of teen boys who it seems were delivered the same way to this bizarre location. They all live in large glade surrounded by monumental walls on all sides. The walls signal the start of a massive maze, which of course is the home to scary creatures that want to kill you.


The Maze Runner will have you on the edge of your seat throughout. It’s not predictable in the least. It makes you consider what you would do were you plucked from your day to day life and thrust into this plot. Would you try to escape, or just accept your fate and grow tomatoes ?


If you’re looking for multi layered character development, you won’t find it here.  One of the most interesting characters in the movie is the maze itself. The Maze is an amazingly mysteriously and frightening environment. Despite the danger, you want to explore.


You won’t see the end coming.  But you can certainly the franchise. This movie is based on a book which is one of three. The Maze Runner II is already well in the making and they’re banking on making a wheelbarrow of cash out of these flicks. I daresay the accountants won’t be let down.