So I’m campaigning with Nicole Lawder at the Chisholm Centre. It’s a cold Saturday morning, but the people are friendly….mostly.

No surprises what most people wanted to talk about, the fairytale of light rail 25km north of here. But there were many other things raised.

I’m talking to Coleen about the problems she’s had with Canberra hospital and I noticed this guy walk past us and do a double take. He kept on walking into the shops but then doubled back and came up from behind me. He tapped me on the shoulder and leant in closer as if to tell me a secret. He looked around to make sure nobody else was listening and he says, “The election’s over guys. Turnbull won.”

This guy just thought that maybe we were both addicted to campaigning or that we were like those Japanese soldiers discovered on remote Pacific islands years after 1945 who thought that the war was still going.image

We assured him that there was a local poll coming in October, he nodded, gave us a cheeky grin and he kept moving.

If you are suffering from election fatigue, I feel for you.  If you’re living in the Tuggeranong valley and I knock on your door in the 10 weeks (and there’s a big chance I will), feel free to send me away. I won’t be offended.  But if you want to share anything about the future of our city and Tuggeranong, please do.

I love doing shopping centres and doorknocking….no seriously I do. It’s good to catch up with old friends and make new ones. See you out there very soon.