I rode the bike into work today.  I left just before 7. Got in just before 8.  25 kms from my place to the Assembly. Average speed 27km/h.

Why ?

So many reasons. Here’s 8 of them.

1. It was a stunning almost summer morning in Canberra with not a breath of wind.screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-11-08-39-am

2. Because I can.

3. Because at 50 years of age, if I don’t regularly move, I’ll end up with an even bigger spare tyre around my waist. I want to stay healthy and fit for as long as I can, for me, for my family and for the people who voted for me. I weigh a smidge over 100 kgs. If I just sat on my backside and didn’t move, it would be very easy for me blow out to 120kgs very very quickly and that wouldn’t be a good result for anyone. I’d have less energy, be less productive and much more susceptible to short and long term health problems.

4. Because the only bikes I see here in the Assembly have “Vote Green” stickers on them….and that pisses me off. There’s a perception from many that all cyclists are lefties and that’s not the case.

5. Because I actually have more energy during the day after a solid workout in the morning.

6. Because most of the magpies have stopped swooping. I’m sure there’s a couple of crazy bastards out there who are still terrorising cyclists, but for the most part once you get to the end of November, you’d have to be unlucky to get done.

7. Because I think people with large networks should, very publicly, get out there and set the best example. It’s so easy for people in their 40’s and 50’s to say, “I’m just too busy to exercise.” I believe its important for me to show people with  actions rather than words that it’s possible for busy people to find the time to do it.

8. Because I’ve put 3 kgs on since the election and there are too many shirts of mine that don’t quite fit me.

Riding the bike in takes a bit of planning because you need to have some clothes in at work ready to go. And of course you need a full shower kit in here, but I think its worth it.

The forecast max today is 28, so I look forward to a warm ride home this afternoon. I think I’ll be well and truly up for a beer come 6pm.