There are still those who believe that the Lindt Cafe siege has nothing to do with religious extremism.

They think that this is just a sad sad story about a sick man. The fact that Man Haron Monis declared his act was under the banner of ISIS is, according to these people irrelevant.

There are still those who believe that what’s going on in Syria has nothing to do with us.  That somehow because it’s so far away that it needn’t involve us and that despite the atrocities being committed that we should just look away and pretend that none of it is happening.

abbott terrorThere are those who believe that the anti terror raids around Australia were a knee jerk over reaction and that there is no terror threat in Australia.

And there are those who believe that when Tony Abbott sets out to swing the pendulum from individuals human rights to community safety…..they  believe that some how Tony Abbott is deflecting attention from his policy failures by trying to create fear.

They should tell that to the families of the Charlie Hebdot staff who lost their lives. Tell that to the Danish individuals who lost their lives. Tell that to the families and Katrina Dawson and Tory Johnson.

The world has changed. We have to change with it.

Tony Abbott may be slow to react to technological changes….he may be slow to react to social media, but I’m fully supportive of a move in this direction. I don’t wish to be held to ransom by crazy men who hate us simply because we don’t follow their religion.

I look forward to seeing what the Prime Minister has to say on it today.  We know that he will warn that the threat in Australia is worsening and that a terrorist attack remains likely. It’s my understanding that we will see  a toughening of bail laws for suspected terrorists.

One of the things that we have discovered this morning regarding the Lindt Cafe gunman is that the National Security Hotline received 18 calls and emails drawing attention to Monis’ Facebook page in the week before the siege. ASIO investigated and found that the posts did not indicate a desire or intent to engage in terrorism. Those at NSW  Police and the AFP also found the posts contained no indications of an imminent threat.

They were wrong