A number of my listeners are up in arms over the announcement of more speed cameras in more locations.

They’re of the belief that this is all about revenue raising and I have no doubt some of it is about revenue imageraising.

It’s a tax on stupidity. When you consider the fixed speed cameras, we all get a warning when they’re coming up. If you drive past a sign that says there’s a speed camera ahead and you still get pinged then it says you lack intelligence.

As far as the mobile speed cameras, this is the deal.

If you drive within the speed limit, YOU WON’T GET FINED. It’s not a difficult concept.

The announcement will be made today by Shane Rattenbury that mobile speed cameras will be allowed at any location and at any time.

Does anyone have a problem with that ?

Why do you have a problem ?

Don’t speed and you won’t get fined.image

I don’t understand why there is such outrage at the Government attempting to enforce the law.

Can I remind you that speeding is a factor in one third of all fatal accidents on all ACT roads.

I love to see some more of the point to point cameras, like those on Hindmarsh Drive.

Your thoughts ?