What do you make of Jarryd Hayne’s bold decision to walk away from Rugby League.


He is set to march into a brave new world and try to make it work way outside of his comfort zone.

Good on him.

Most of us march through our lives doing the sensible conservative thing. Inside of us we harbour dreams. We all have things that we’d love to have a go at…but we’re just not brave enough to do them.

I’m in the second half of my life now and I think one of the unfortunate facts for those of us at 50 and beyond….one of the great disappointments is that for far too many of us our lives are not about what we did, but what we didn’t do.
The chances we didn’t take. The challenges that we didn’t embrace. The dreams that we didn’t follow.

That’s not always about employment paths. It could be about the novel you never wrote. It could be about not persevering with the guitar and really nailing it.  It could be about that restaurant of yours that only ever existed in your head and in your heart. It’s about the fact that you’ll never know if you could have pulled it off.chasing_dreams__by_cerphantes

Life is really bloody short….and then you die. You get one shot at this.

All power to Jarryd Hayne for being brave enough to have a go.  This bloke has turned his back on a $6 million dollar contract to have a go at something he’s never ever attempted before. That’s gutsy.

It might all end in tears but the fact that he’s been able to find the courage to lay it all the line is to commended.

One of my listeners suggested to me this morning that  it’s easy to be brave when you’ve got a million dollars in the bank, but money goes very quickly when you’re not earning any, however much you’ve got.

I’ve followed a lot of my dreams.  As a desperately colourblind man, I always wanted to call the races, and I have.

I wanted to appear in a serious stage show…and I did.

I’d love to ride a bike across the Nullarbor.  I haven’t done that, but I’m not done yet.

Have you chased down a dream of yours ?