Please be careful on the roads in the lead up to Christmas. We’re all a bit ragged and it’s easy to just slip into automatic driving mode.  It’s a recipe for disaster.


It’s been a long year. It’s been a slog for a lot of people. I was talking to a Gungahlin restraunteur yesterday who told me he’s in auto pilot now.  He’s just trying to hang on till Sunday when they close up for a little break.  So…we’re all tired. I get that.  I’ve got two breakfast shifts left and although I love this job, I’m hanging for 9am Friday morning.canberra traffic


My call to you this morning is, despite that lethargy…please concentrate on the roads. When you drive the same route day after day after day, it’s so easy to get into auto pilot mode and to just go through the motions. This morning could be the morning during which you’re presented with an extreme traffic situation which requires you to react very quickly to survive.


Don’t get complacent on the roads because we don’t want to see families devastated by a road death a week before Xmas.


Keep your wits about you, because you never know what’s around the corner.