If you’re getting on a bus today remember to suck your gut in…and might I suggest that you not wear those heavy shoes.

Anyone who didn’t believe that Australia is getting fatter and fatter then get a load of this.

We are seriously about to change the maximum load laws in this country because we’re too fat.
As it stands the mass limit for a two axle bus is 16 tonnes. When we fully load those babies with happy healthy Australian passengers we’re overshooting that limit…often.

What to do ?scales

Well the plan from the National Transport Commission is to increase the mass limit to 18 tonnes.

An additional plan may be for us all to pack a salad for lunch.

When these load limit laws were originally designed back in 1989 they suggested that the average adult’s weight was 65kg.

65kg ? Have a good look around Civic today and see how that figure lines up in 2014.

About the only place you’d get within a bull’s roar of an average weight of 65kg is in the jockey’s room at Thoroughbred Park.

Today the average male weights 86kg and average woman 71kg.

How sad is it when we have go back and revise the maximum load limits because we’re a bit too bulky ?

It’s probably time to have a look elevators while we’re at it.