Debate always rages in town over cyclists….and how safe or unsafe they are.

How much money we do and don’t spend on bike riding infrastructure.

Who’s fault it is when cyclists and motorists come to grief.

We’re not the only city having these animated discussions.

If anything, I think the discussion is more lively in Melbourne.

Let me tell you about what’s gone down in the suburbs in Melbourne.

I don’t know Melbourne all that well….but this has all unfolded in Glenroy…it’s in the north.

The council has built an elaborate separated bike lane on a residential street.

They’ve been forced to build it a number of times…..why….well because motorists keep on ripping the bollards down

This two-way bike lane, built for $85,000 at ratepayers’ expense in the working-class suburb of Glenroy, has been indefinitely removed after the Moreland City Council decided it could not afford to keep putting the vandalised bollards back in place.

Is this people power or suburban terrorism ?

It will instead seek to design a different bike lane that Glenroy motorists will tolerate.

What does that mean exactly.

There is so little tolerance in this ongoing debate, evidenced by this email that I got on the radio this morning from Mal.

This is what Mal said.

A couple of years ago TAMS created a lot of disabled car parks with spaces for wide open car doors and wheel chairs beside them.
These void were ‘protected’ by plastic bollards.
Within a fortnight the plastic bollards were shattered and driven over. Within a month they were removed.
In the past month those bollards at Jamison have been restored with decent metal pipes.
We don’t respect disabled drivers, why would we respect cyclists?
Legislating that motorists must give cyclists a 1m space doesn’t solve the problems of deep breathing cyclists inhaling road user fumes.
Get cyclists off roads.

Tell us what you really think Mal.

Any thoughts on this ?