I can remember as a kid in the 1970’s laying on the lounge room floor listening to some of my parents records on the big Pye 3 in 1 stereo system.  It had these massive woodgrain speakers on either side of the room. 7 Elizabeth Street was a relatively modest 1930’s home with massively high ceilings and if you turned the music loud enough it seemed to echo right around the room, not in a bad way….it sounded awesome.

It sounded awesome even though I was listening to Acker Bilk, Roy Orbison, Dionne Warwick and Willie Nelson.Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 8.30.15 am

Times have changed since then. The music has changed, but so had the way that we listen to it.  There have been so many days that I missed the big sound of the Pye stereo system. I can’t remember the last time I actually possessed a ‘big arse’ stereo system. These days we’re a Spotify household for our music, and that’s all well and good when it comes to the music selection, but the question is always how you play it.

I listen to so much of my music while I’m preparing food in the kitchen. I long ago decided that 2016 would be the year that I finally got serious about the sound and spent some serious money on some speakers that I was going to mount up high on the kitchen wall.

The Ultimate Ears Megaboom changed my mind.

I was given one of these cool bluetooth speakers as a birthday gift last year and it’s awesome. It’s got a great sound, much fuller than any of the other portable bluetooth speakers I’ve sampled. You can take it anywhere.  The battery life is amazing and you can get it wet….so if you want you can take it in the shower.image

To get the full stereo effect of my music I was still committed to buying some real speakers to mount on the wall….but then it came to my attention that if I purchased a second UE Megaboom, I could pair them on the same device and they would play in stereo.  Rather than spending $1000 for a serious speaker set up, I could just buy another Megaboom for around $300 and Bob’s your uncle.image

And how do they sound on double up stereo mode ?

Bloody awesome.

My life is complete. These speaker holders are a temporary measure, but the sound is perfect.