How good is Spotify ?

I can’t believe the deal for us music consumers. (Granted it’s not such a good deal for some artists)

I’ve got Spotify premium on my phone and I use it every day.

I was an early adopter of Pandora more than a decade ago. I can remember setting up my ‘radio stations’ and discovering artists like Keb Mo for the first time. Pandora was a blast….and then it was shut down for Australian internet users.

A decade later came Spotify.

My Spotify Premium costs me $12 per month. $144 per year and access to pretty much every song ever recorded. What a bargain !?

Well…not quite every song ever recorded.

There’s not much Taylor Swift or Bob Seger. No Garth Brooks, no Pete Townshend and no Prince.image

But we do finally have the Beatles.

Most of the time I use my ‘radio stations’ on Spotify.

Right at the moment I’ve got “Adele artist radio” playing.

It kicked me off with “Someone Like You” followed by Norah Jones “Don’t Know Why”. I love that song. I just love how laid back and relaxed her vocals are. From there we rolled into “Yellow” from Coldplay and “Locked Out of Heaven” from Bruno Mars. Bruno tends to be a little over represented on the platform, but I don’t mind a bit of Bruno. I then got served a bit of Maroon 5, “Sunday Morning”  and then the smoky sound of Corinne Bailey Rae “Put Your Records On” and “Lucky” Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat.

At any point that I can skip a song if I so choose and I can also give a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

If I give a thumbs down it will cease playing the song and in theory will never offer it again as a choice in that particular mix. Give a thumbs up and Spotify will endeavour to give you more songs that sound similar to that one.

My partner Luisa is Colombian and through Spotify I have discovered so much South American music.

imageFlick over to my “Juanes artist radio” and Spotify gives me one of my fave Juanes songs “Fotografia” which has a super cool cameo from Nellie Furtardo. From there we go the Mexican band Mana. I’d never even heard of them before Spotify, but now I know dozens of their songs, including “Rayando el sol”. Next up the cheeky Julieta Venegas……remember we’re in Spanish here….Hool-i-etta Ven-ay-gus.  I don’t even know where she’s from, but she’s adorable.  Next up Santana and the “Game of Love” with vocal from Michelle Branch. “La Luz” from Juanes and some toe tapping “Djobi Djoba” from the Gypsy Kings before some dancy stuff from Marc Anthony.

I love Spotify.

I connect to my UE Megaboom speaker in the shower in the morning.

I hook up to the sound system in my groovy new Rolfe Honda HRV on the drive into work and sometimes I put the headphones on at work.

I definitely get my $12 per month value.