This little Government of ours doesn’t have many revenue options.

We’re like the 14 year old at the shopping centre who checks all the vending machines to see if anyone has left any change behind.

The ACT has to make the most of each revenue stream and think outside the box about creating new ones. The ideas range from going to the Prime Minister’s office and begging to putting on more parking inspectors or selling all of our light poles.

This whole abolition of stamp duty thing isn’t actually about the abolition of the stamp duty, it’s about creating an excuse to raise more revenue through rates. We race off to Singapore trying to convince rich Asian businessmen to invest in our fine city and we’re auctioning land left, right and centre to pump up the bank the balance.

“Show me the money !” shouts Andrew Barr, loudly and often.

I gather there was even consideration given to sending Simon Corbell to busk in Garema Place, but luckily it didn’t get cabinet approval.

I cannot believe that at this time when we’ll consider anything to raise a dollar, I cannot believe that we have so many speed cameras are not working.

This is ludicrous.
I’ve had listeners to my radio program call me in recent weeks making this suggestion and it was confirmed in the Legislative Assembly last week.

How long do you think it’s been since the camera on the corner of Ginninderra Drive and Coulter Drive at Florey has worked ?

Over 2 years.
It last captured a speeding driver 9 months before the last ACT election, in January of 2012. For two years it’s been more a piece of public art than a functioning speed camera. Marconi Crescent and Drakeford Drive hasn’t worked since February of last year. Hindmarsh Drive and Yamba Drive hasbeen out of action for a similar period. The camera on the corner of Northbourne Avenue and Barry Drive is also ‘cactus’.

On a city wide basis, these cameras have the potential to raise well over $10million a year. How could you possibly allow them to fall into such a state of disrepair.

And it’s not just the fixed cameras. 3 of the 5 speed camera vans are off the road at the moment.

What a shambles.
Simon Corbell from the Government has suggested that sourcing replacement parts for older cameras was increasingly difficult.

What a cop out.
To make it worse, during this period we’ve spent huge amounts of money installing point to point cameras on Athlon Drive that will only be able to nab drivers once in a blue moon.

Not sure what word to use to describe all this, but it’s hard to go past incompetent.