My friend Robbie Wallace spent had a sleepless night comforting a sick dog.  Robbie tells me that the Bungendore vet has had 76 cases of  ‘snake bites dog’ so far this season.  The slimy slippery buggers are out there in great numbers.

Have you seen any around your place.

I was reading reports from my hometown of York in Western Australia that the snakes were in ‘plague proportions’ and by the sounds it’s a similar scenario round these parts.snake 2

Eight species of snakes are known to inhabit the ACT, with five regarded as potentially dangerous to humans. Although only 5 are regarded as ‘dangerous’, the truth of the matter is, you don’t want to be bitten by any of them.  Snakes do suffer from bad publicity. They’re typically shy and non aggressive creatures.  If they can retreat, they will.

I had a snake expert on the radio a number of years ago who suggested to me that the Lake George escarpment was the place in Australia populated with more snakes per square metre than any other place.  I consider this every time I drive through on the Federal Highway.  Not sure I want to have to get out to change a tyre on that stretch of road.

The Eastern Brown Snake is the most frequently seen snake in suburban gardens.  You often seem them on the roads around Canberra getting some sun.

We do also from time to time see the  Red-Bellied Black Snake, Tiger Snake and the Black-headed Snake .

I’m told that if you’re a bit fed up with having a snake in your yard, one of the safest ways to make it move on is to spray with a garden hose….never tried it myself.

My mother and father used shriek with laughter telling me about the time that a snake came into our shop on the main street of York. The place was full of customers at the time, but they were apparently none the wiser.  My father, according to historic reports, through a tin of beetroot at it.  He missed.  HIs weapon of choice after that was the pumpkin knife from the fruit and veg. section.

Have you seen any snakes this season ?