I spent some time laying on the trampoline just watching the sky at sunset last night.

It’s a worthwhile thing to do from time to time.

We’re blessed with so many wonderful birds in the suburbs and at sunrise, you can hear most of them.image

I just laid back and watched the colour of the clouds change….listened to the birds and watched the colour start to bleed out of the sky.

Life can get very complicated and I think it’s important as we hurtle further into the silly season that you stop and take a moment to enjoy the simple things.  Mine had been a busy busy day.  It had been non stop from 3am through to 7pm.  Granted I’d been able to squeeze in a little bike ride up to Wanniassa and back, but the whole day had been a slog.

Sometimes you just need to reset don’t you ?

Have a beer and really soak up the flavour and enjoy it.

Turn your phone off and watch one of your favourite movies…one of those that you’ve got on DVD.  Walk up to top of imagethe nearest hill and watch the sunset.

How long is it since you’ve listened to the music that really rocks your boat and turned it up loud ?

Life is a collection of moments. Try to have some good ones today.