I think it’s fair to say that a lot of Canberrans have been somewhat disappointed with Nick Kyrgios in recent months. It seems he’s not the messiah…he’s just a really really really really naughty boy.


Aaah Nick. If only you would shut up and let the racquet make the racket.


The latest misdemeanour was the absurdly childish sledge of opponent Stan Wrawinka in Canada.image


“Thannasi Kokkanakis banged your girlfriend, I’m sorry to say mate.”


Seriously ?! Nick, is that best you could come up with ?


How Australian is it to make such a personal attack on your opponent and finish by addressing him as your ‘mate’ ?


I’m a little surprised that he was fined $10,000 for making such a remark because I thought it so stupid a sledge that it should have just been ignored or even laughed at. I would laugh at a sledge like that in a way that said “You juvenile moron ! If that is your best shot then you’ve got nothing.”


But no. We’ve had a social media war, fines have been dished out and apologies have been made. Stan was ‘really hurt’ by the comments and I’m assuming that our Nick will become the Adam Goodes of the tennis world….with all respect to Goodsey.


The whole theory of the sledge is to say something to your opponent that takes his focus from the task at hand and enables you to beat him.


I played a fair bit of regional AFL in younger years so I know all about sledging. In my time kicking the footy around in Western Australia and NSW I heard at least 500 sledges worse than Nick’s.image


I was furiously sledged every single game, which I took to mean that my opponents had a higher opinion of my game than I did. It was suggested often that I was homosexual, which I gather was a somewhat negative thing. Whatever ?


I always tried to be little smarter with my sledging.


I remember asking number 44 from Warners Bay about his teammates bullying him. It actually struck a chord with him and he asked me how I knew.


I replied that I thought was a really cruel thing to give him a jumper number that he couldn’t count up to. He tried to land one on my jaw but I dodged it.


Best sledge I ever made ?


Well, it wasn’t a sledge in the strictest sense of the word, but I’m really proud of it. I was playing back pocket for North Coffs on a dirty winters day at Woolgoolga. My opponent had taken a mark and was taking a set shot for goal. I was standing the mark.


This was traditional country football in that the cars were all parked around the perimeter of the ground. I’d seen my opponent arrive at the ground so I knew what sort of car he drove.


As he ran in to kick the goal I shouted at him, “You drive an old Statesman don’t you buddy ?”


I got his attention.


As he got to the kicking point, I pointed over to his car and said, “You’ve left your lights on……seriously you’ve left your lights on.”


He put it out on the full