Scotland was never going to vote for independence.

Sure it looked close according to polls a fortnight or so ago, but it’s one thing to tell a pollster you’re going to break away from your Mother, it’s quite another to stand in front of her and tell her.

I never believed for a moment the Scots were going to do it, despite the social media signs.

If you believed the Twitter conversation, the Yes vote was going to romp in.

Twitter leans very much to the left and is an under 50 social media platform…..I guess most of them are.

I found a wonderfully accommodating young Scottish man on Twitter this morning by the name of Jon Brady.

Jon is a Glawegian. He tweets as @jonfaec

We spoke to him on my radio program in the moments before the polling closed. He was on his mobile in George Square in Glasgow.

Have a listen here.