Canberrans are officially stupid online.

We are being ripped off left right and centre by scammers.

They’re getting us more than any other place in the country, and I’m buggered if I know why.

I thought we were the most internet savvy city in Australia….but it turns out that collectively we’re not terribly bright online.

What the hell is going on here ?

As a nation we lost over $64.5 million on scams and if you count these figures as a per capital number, Canberrans were the biggest victims.

Wake up Canberra. If it sounds too good to be true online, it probably is. We’re falling for false promises of love online….we’re even falling for those involving large sums of money that are in limbo in imaginary African banks.

This research has been done by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and a UC researcher.

So who’s believing these tall stories online ? Well, when it comes to romance scams, the number one demographic is Victorian females aged between 45-54. I know some very intelligent, sensible, Canberra women who’ve fallen to these scams and who are so embarrased by it.

The scammers go to great lengths to set up these profiles and they look so real.

I fear that the size of this problem may be even much greater than revealed here because there would be so many people who were just too embarrassed to report them.

Have you been stung ? Talk to me.