That would be the fourth time I’ve seen Rob Thomas live. And I’d go again tonight.

Royal Theatre, Canberra on a Monday night. Feb 21, 2016.

This man is such a showman.

Great band. Wonderful songs, delivered with passion.  The ability to connect with the audience and the most awkward dancing style since Peter Garrett.

How can you lose ?

I know there’s been a lot made of the controversial comments on stage in Melbourne, but from the moment that he opens his mouth and invites you to party with him ‘for the next two hours’ you somehow forgive him.

The heartfelt candle songs grab you. Ever The Same, makes you want to cry. His cutdown, slow tempo, piano version of 3AM takes you to another place, but that band knows how to rock it up and raise the roof as well. None moreso than that during that upbeat Bowie tribute of Let’s Dance.  We also got a bit of Elvis on stage with That’s Alright Mama.

He nails everything. Smooth, This Is How A Heart Breaks, Mockingbird and Unwell all score at least 9 out of 10.

I’ve spoken to Rob Thomas on the radio a couple of times. I’ve met him once in my FM radio days.

Champion bloke !

On all 3 occasions he was so easy to get along with and so wonderfully accommodating. You are forced to like him.

If you get the chance to see Rob Thomas live, even if you’re not a big fan, take it. You’ll walk away smiling.