All power to the Germans for having the compassion to throw the doors open and offer a home to so many displaced people.  This is a humanitarian crisis and drastic action is needed…..but…..what happens next.

There are 4 to 5 million people living in refugee camps as a consequence of armed conflict in the Middle East and Africa.  In 2015, news travels instantly and you can guarantee that every one of those people is well aware of what’s going on Europe.

How many of them will make the call to go to Europe today ?  How many tomorrow ?refugees

A couple of thousand people rocking up in Budapest on their way to Germany is one thing, what about a million of them ?If a million people rock up next week wanting to get into Germany, can that nation cope.  If a million people tried to cross the water between Turkey and Greece next week, how many of them will be drown ?

I fear that we’re about to see disaster in Europe such is the momentum of this story.

boatsNobody can blame asylum seekers for trying to build a better life for their families. We’d all do the same.  But I think it’s naive to think that this is just one great global village.  The overwhelming numbers of refugees involved at present has the potential to trash economies. That may sound mercenary, but it’s the reality.

As far as Australia goes, our asylum policy can’t simply be defined by stopping the boats.  That must be just the start of the story.  If this was really about saving the lives of people trying to travel by boat to Australia, well then now that we’ve stopped them, we must take on more refugees from Syria.

I got this email from a listener to the radio program this morning.

Given the decreasing population of canberra we should lead by example and take an initial 10,000 as we are a rich city full of very well paid public servants in a labour green government We can build a special suburb in gungahlin so our new residents can have the benefit of the light rail to travel to work in the city or protest with getup against the liberal government for not doing more The govt can put up rates and charge more for existing government residences Come on canberra time to lead by example gai can lend her support on behalf of shortens labour 

What are your thoughts on this ?