Real Madrid and other really serious football fans should look away now, because you won’t understand.

And serious AFL fans won’t get it either. We’re about to commit a double sporting blasphemy.

How could you turn up to a world class football match at half time ? And how could you leave an AFL blockbuster involving your team at three quarter time ? That’s the plan this weekend.

We’re off to Melbourne tomorrow for a sporting weekend, but it’s not going to work out quite the way that we originally planned it.

imageWe have tickets for Real Madrid V Roma at the MCG tomorrow….but we’re not turning up till half time.

What ?

One of the most famous and super talented sporting teams on the planet is here.  We have one opportunity to see them in a sold out game…and we’re not bothering to see the first half ?

Yes you heard right.

Here’s the thing…and brace yourself because it’s a little complicated.  James Rodriguez is a gun striker with Real Madrid. He also happens to be Colombian, like my beautiful Luisa. Luisa fell in love with him during the World Cup. Now when I say ‘fell in love’, she doesn’t want to have his babies or anything like that, she just likes the boy. She likes the way he plays. She likes his smile and the way he conducts himself.image

When I saw that Real Madrid were playing these exhibition matches in Australia, I jumped on the opportunity to purchase some tickets as a gift for Luisa. That was December.

We’re not serious ‘futbol’ fans. I don’t mind watching a world class game on the TV, but aside from James and Ronaldo, I couldn’t name any other player in these two squads.  But James is coming, it’s a world class game and that’s all that counts.

The plan was to drive to Melbourne with the kids on the Friday. I think Anna and Angela and Attila would like to have come to Real Madrid, but the games sold out now and the tickets are a bit pricey anyway. We’re staying at a really nice hotel in Kew and the kids are a bit older now so the plan was to leave them at the hotel while we went off to the MCG for this game.

James isn’t coming anymore.  He’s played a lot of international football for Colombia in the last month and so he’s been given a break from these club games.  I bought the tickets specifically to see this man and now he’s not coming.


We’ve reassessed the whole thing.

imageMy AFL team the West Coast Eagles also happen to be playing in Melbourne on Saturday.

They take on Collingwood at Etihad Stadium in a 4.30 game.  The Real Madrid game is at 7pm at the MCG.

This is the plan.

I’ve bought tickets for the 5 of us to go to Collingwood/West Coast at Etihad. When we get to three quarter time (even if the scores are level) at around 6.30pm, we’ll dash up to Kew with our tribe, before going back to the MCG to arrive at about 7.30pm.

We’re going to miss half of one of the biggest soccer events in Melbourne.  Real football fans would be mortified.

I figure it’s the best of both worlds.

Hoping for a West Coast/Real Madrid double.