If you were to pull up stumps and relocate to anywhere else in australia where would it be ?

I think most people…they’re first pick is Queensland.

I couldn’t hack Queensland. It get’s too hot and humid for me….but I think most seem to think it’s a paradise. Leave me out. I’d get sick of it raining.

I think I’d go with somewhere by the coast.image

I’m not naturally a big city dweller. I could do the south coast.

Tell you where I could live. I could live somewhere like Jamberoo…..or Eden.

I’ve got new stats out today on where people are moving from state to state in Australia and it makes for fascinating reading

Qld is not the number one destination….it’s Victoria.

imageThese figures from the ABS show that 32,720 Australians moved to Victoria in the six months to September. At the same time there were  28,840 who escaped the place.  That means a net intake of 3880.  The Queensland net intake by comparison was slightly lower at 3190.

This is a turnaround. Up until 2012 Australians were packing their bags and hightailing to Queensland in great numbers.

NSW loses residents hand over fist. Does that surpris you ?  In the 12 months to September, NSW lost 2810 residents, South Australia 1,310 and Western Australia 210.

The ABS population projection figures make for interesting reading. They suggest that Canberra will have a population of 700,000 come 2056.  I think we can deal with that.

How’s about the projection for Melbourne. They’re tipping Melbourne will have a population of 8 million by 2056 which would make it slightly bigger than Sydney.image

Thankfully I should be long gone by then.