I’m so looking forward to having the English cricketers in town in January.


This is the build up to the English World Cup campaign..

Their summer in Australia will start here in Canberra.

They’ve got a warm up game set down for Manuka Oval on January 12th. I think they’re playing a Capital Radio invitational XI. I can’t even remember who the opponent is…some sort of ACT XI.

Two days later they will come together to take on the Prime Minister’s XI in a day nighter at Manuka.

pms xi

Does it get any better than that ?


The beautiful thing about a Prime Minister’s XI game involving England is the barmy army. It’s about the noise, the vibe and the songs. Our PM’s XI game will happen just two days before the opening game of the ODI series. The Canberra fixture will be taken very very seriously by the poms.

I’ve got the ground announcing gig at the PM’s XI game next year. I’m so looking forward to that.

I can so remember the last time the Englishmen were here. It was before the lights were up, so their game was daytime affair. As a part of my involvement on the day, I scored one of the official special edition ties, which was red white and blue. I can remember that as I was leaving, one of the boisterous barmy army crew approached me and said….


I need to have your tie !”


He’d tried to buy one for himself, but they’d run out.

I told him that I was keen to keep mine.

He pulled two fifty dollar notes from his pocket and thrust it into my hand.


Give you a hundred for it !” he said, with wild crazy eyes.


I thought about it momentarily, but declined.

It’s still one of my favourite ties.

Bring on the Prime Minister’s XI versus England on January 14th 2015.