I’m a public school boy.  I went to York Primary, York District High and Northam Senior High in country Western Australia.

I wasn’t a super academic kid, but I think public school served me well.

Is it good enough for your kids ?

Canberra is the private school capital of the nation.

For whatever reason, we in this town tend to send our kids to private schools in greater numbers than anywhere else.

Is it worth the money ?Public-and-private-schools

Now, for some parents, when it comes to their kids, money is no object.  Their children must have the best, but how much will a private school education cost for a Canberra child who is about to start school now ?

How much do you think ?

14 years of private schooling in Canberra is going to set you back almost half a million dollars.

These latest figures are from the Australian Scholarships Groups Planning for Education Index.  The raw figure for privately educating a Canberra child born in 2015 from preschool to year 12 is $421,418.  That’s a helluva lot of cash.

How much will the equivalent public education cost ?

Just $53,000.  It’s an amazing difference isn’t it ?

Is a private  education 8 times better than a public education ?

How could it possibly be ?

When it comes to private school education, Canberra isn’t the most expensive…..we came in third  behind Sydney at $541,275 and Melbourne at $502,088.  The national average is $456,000

I like Glenn Fowler’s view on this. Glenn is with the Australian Education Union ACT Branch.  He says, send your kids to public schools. Save the fees and take them to Disneyland.

Talk to me about this one. Every parent has the right to choose…not everybody has the money, but in theory you have the right to choose. Is private school education a good choice ?

What do you think ?

One of my listeners sent this message into my radio program

It may not have been the case thirty years ago, but the moral education in a private school today is eight times better than the current public education.

Is that an accurate statement ?  Are our public schools a moral wasteland ?  Certainly not based on my experience.