There’s a bad smell in Canberra this morning.

It’s the smell of political milk which is well past it’s ‘use by date’.  Some of these cartons seem to go off in the car on the way home.

Get used to it, because recent history shows us that the electorate is growing more and more impatient.  They want change and they want it now.  And then they want instant results.

Political honeymoons now last for around a fortnight.  After two weeks if you haven’t turned the economy around, reduced the debt, provided visionary infrastructure and found a way to increase my disposal income then it’s curtains for you.

This is the era of one term governments and interchangeable leaders.

Why is it so ?

It’s who we are these days.

I know people who can no longer listen to music radio because the music doesn’t have a ‘skip’ button. These people are so accustomed to having the power to skip to the next song that they can’t bear to let a radio station let things run their full course.  We want movies on demand.  We want to watch our TV programs, when we want to watch them.

In 2015, nobody wants to queue in the bank or to wait for the lamb to roast. We want to eat it NOW !

There are other reasons for our short political attention span. Among them the relentless 24 hour blanket news cycle.  Social media plays a massive role as well. It was perilous for Tony Abbott to dismiss social media as electronic graffiti.  His ignorance of communication methods in the 21st century is one of the reasons that many Australians have ceased listening to him.  He’s viewed as a extreme right wing dinosaur who’s firmly entrenched in last century.

Social media played a pivotal role in the demise of Campbell Newman.  In Australia the left has harnessed the power of Twitter and Facebook. The conservatives have not.

We have an interesting week ahead.

I spoke to the Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt this morning. He backed the Prime Minister 100% and suggested that everyone in cabinet is of the same view.  He told me that he doesn’t believe there will be a leadership challenge.

Will this be a most embarrassing week for Dennis Jensen, or is it ‘game on’ ?

How do you think this will end ?