I was having a yak with one of my old radio friends Chris the other day. Chris works at a Perth radio station and we catch up from time to time.

He was ropable that he’d been pulled over by the police on the way to work the other day. They wanted to breath test him.

“As if I’ve got time for that ! I’m almost late for work !”

Chris carried on as though his civil liberties had been violated. He told me that he’d asked the police officers in question why they ‘didn’t have something more constructive to do ?’

He blew into the machine and produced his licence and before long was on his way.

By coincidence, I’d been pulled over the police on the same day. It was 3.45am on a Tuesday morning. I was on my way to work, as I usually am at the stage of the day and the lights started flashing behind me on the GDE just passed Ginninderra Drive.

It makes me smile when I get pulled over the cops, especially at 3.45 in the morning. As one who spends a lot of time on the road in the dead of night, I’m aware that there are a number of other motorists at that time who are clearly impaired by something when they drive. I never am, but to me it’s such a positive when I get pulled over at that time because it makes me feel safer. Yes it’s make a bit later for work, but I’d much prefer to see police being vigilant and doing their best to make the road safer.

I got picked up one morning at the end of my street. I was running late, but when I left for work I realised that I left my laptop at home. So I’d done the U-turn at the Isabella Drive roundabout and headed back to Bonython to get it. When I re-appeared on the same streets 3 mins later, the police who were on a routine patrol in my suburb, thought it suspicious enough to turn on the blue lights and pull me over.

Why ?
Just to make sure I hadn’t stolen the car, wasn’t drunk and to find out generally why I’d double backed earlier and then come back a second time.

Yes it made me later for work, but I’ll be so happy they day the do the same thing and find it’s some mongrel who’s stolen my car in the dead of night.

The only reason you have to be upset when the police pull you over is if you were speeding or happen to be over the legal blood alcohol limit, which would be your fault anyway. When you see the blue lights flashing in Canberra, be happy that these men and women are doing their job properly.