We’ve been truly blessed to have 3 Cricket World Cup games in Canberra. They were all a blast. It was a privilege to host Afghanistan’s first ever Cricket World Cup game and their game against Bangladesh was a non stop party. Chris Gayle’s innings against Zimbabwe will be remembered forever.  And that South African batting performance against Ireland was almost surreal.image

It’s been wonderful

I gather that at the game on Tuesday night there was a little bit of tension regarding some racist comments that were made by spectators. They’re cracking down on that, but it still happens.

This country has changed for the better in regards to what’s acceptable at public events but there are still those who don’t understand the concept of racial abuse.

imageI understand that there were some warnings dished out on Tuesday but nobody was actually ejected for racial abuse.

We did have people ejected for pitchsiding.

Have you heard about this practice or not ?

I don’t understand why ACT Police would even bother with this…but they do.

Pitchsiding is when spectators take advantage of the slight broadcast delays to manipulate betting, feeding match information overseas.

Why would we waste police resources to in effect protect overseas bookmaking agencies ?image

As far as I’m concerned, if there are flaws in the gambling model that some betting agencies are using then that’s their problem. If the bookmakers can’t guarantee absolute real time information THEN JUST DON’T BET ON IT ! Seriously !

Our police have got much more important things to worry about than someone taking advantage of some flaws in an international gambling model.