It’s going to be difficult today not to focus somewhat on the passing of a wonderful young Australian in Phillip Hughes.

We will not be speaking to anyone who has a close connection to Phillip Hughes today on my radio program. I made the call yesterday that we didn’t want to extend anyone’s grief in any way and at this time, anyone who was close to Phillip, whether it be family, friends or team mates…those people are hurting. They’re experiencing an unthinkable grief . They’ve got much more important things to do in terms of their own welfare than speaking to some radio station in Canberra. They don’t need it.

In terms of reflecting on this tragedy. There is nothing I can say that will be adequate. There is nothing that can encapsulate the pain that this country is 2

Should the test match against India go ahead ?

My bloody oath it should.

And I think the acid test here is this. If Phillip Hughes were here. If this fearless young man could participate in this conversation…and understand that he lived for cricket from the time he was knee high to a grass hopper. If we could ask Phillip whether or not the test match should be played in Brisbane, what do you think he would say ?

He would say “giddy up !”  You’ve gotta play the game. The game must go on as a tribute to this fine young man.

I’m not sure when the funeral will be. I’m not sure and it’s timing could throw into doubt the prospect of a Thursday start for the Test match. Perhaps a Friday start, but make no bones about it, the game must go on.

I do fear that the game will never ever be quite the same.

Some of the pain that we’re all feeling over the death of Phillip Hughes will never fully dissipate.

Batsmen will always be a little more nervous because of this week. Fast bowlers will always be a little more cautious. Umpires will police the short pitched rules a little more fierecely.

And I think all of us will consider our own mortality. Hopefully we can do that in a positive way, which you may  think sounds a little odd…..but I think one of the things that we should all get out of yesterday is that life is desperately fragile and potentially very very short.

 Every day is a gift. And you never if your life is going to turn in an instant.

One of the messages that I think we should all get out of this week, is that life should be lived to the fullest, because you never know what’s around the corner.

Our thoughts and wishes are with the friends of young Phillip Hughes….may he rest in peace.