Caller to the radio program says that it’s time to let go of Phillip Hughes. She’s over the continued coverage of him. She said… “he was just a cricketer. Get over it. We don’t need all of these little tributes to him.”


Well fine radio listener, if you’re over tributes to Phillip Hughes, I’d suggest that you stay away from the cricket this summer because from time to time you’re going to get them.adelaide hughes

And when the cricket starts again next summer, you’ll get more of them.

It’s not up to you and I to tell people how to grieve. If Davy Warner wants to look to the heavens and dedicate his ton to his mate Phillip Hughes then so be it.


It would have been bizarre had there not been a ceremony of sorts prior to the Adelaide Test.


I think Phillip Hughes was much more than just a cricketer.


I think he encapsulates the spirit of the little Aussie battler.


I understand that there are some who have Phillip Hughes memorial fatigue and I get that, but my advice to you is to turn it off and walk away.


You can’t tell people how to grieve.