Watcha doin’ for Christmas ?

Are you looking forward to it, or is it turning into a pain in the arse for you ?

So often that’s the case isn’t it. It all gets too hard. It’s supposed to be the season of joy but sometimes it’s not.

I’m going home for Christmas.

Peter Greste isn’t.

I wonder what Christmas is going to be like for him stuck in an Egyptian jailcairo

Hasn’t Australia forgotten about Peter Greste.

At the time that he was thrown behind bars we were all up in arms. We were going to boycott Egyptian products and we as a nation….we vowed that we wouldn’t rest until he was brought home.

As shallow as it sounds, we’ve sort of lost interest now haven’t we ?

Other stuff has happened. A nasty virus grabbed hold of West Africa, jihadists are on the rampage in the middle east and  a cricketer died.

Peter who ?  Oh yeah, he’s that journalist bloke isn’t he ?  Is he still in jail ?

Peter Greste has in recent days celebrated his 49th birthday in jail. Dunno if celebrate is really the correct word to be honest, cos it wouldn’t have been flash. I’m sure he got a blast out of seeing his parents. Juris and Lois Greste travelled to Egypt and I gather they’re still over there. They will remain in Egypt until his court appeal starts on January 1st.

They’re still hopeful of some sort of miracle. They still pray that he will be home for Christmas. They’ve cautiously welcomed news of a possible pardon by Egypt’s president, but until it’s confirmed I don’t know that it’s even worth thinking about.

He’s been in jail now for nearly a year.

Do spare a thought for Peter Greste today.