What the hell is going on in this world. The Pakistan Taliban are gutless murderers.

How can any human of sound mind march into a school and methodically hunt down and kill dozens of children ?

I’m gobsmacked.

How do these people sleep at night.  If this crime doesn’t haunt them for the rest of their days then they are sub-human. Of course they won’t be haunted by it because the 9 perpetrators met their end after their unthinkable crimes.  I’m sure they were promised many virgins and much happiness in the afterlife.

I cannot believe that this could happen, even in the wilds of Pakistan.  Irrespective of the degree of radicalisation…irrespective of long term exposure to violence, how could anybody do this ?

I don’t understand and I never will. pakistan 2

You know it’s a despicably bad crime when it’s condemned by the hardline Afghanistan Taliban.  David Cameron declared that today was a dark dark day for humanity and he’s right.

Stop for a moment and try to imagine the fear of these poor innocent children. Imagine your 11 year old hiding underneath their school desk in a desperate bid to survive before being dragged out and executed.

You think of the grief and the shock that Australia is dealing with after the Martin Place siege…then multiply it by 100.  Pakistan as a nation must be inconsolable.

Is there more value on an individual life in Australia than in this case in these frontier regions ?  I’m sure that the parents of these dead students wouldn’t think so.

My thoughts are with everyone in Pakistan and beyond who has been effected by this unthinkable crime. May the dead rest in peace and may those left behind find a way to work through this extreme grief.