I can remember when there was only two sorts of bread you could buy in the supermarket.

You either got white bread or brown bread.

I remember when, and understand please that I grew up in Western Australia…I can remember when the only two beers you could buy were Swan Draught and Emu Export.

Those days seem like half a century ago, but when it comes to electricity supply in the ACT, they were only very recent.

It’s been only the last few years that Canberrans have had a choice for their power supply.

Actew AGL used to be the only game in town.

That changed with the introduction of Energy Australia in recent times.

There is nothing like competition to shake up a retail market.image

We bleat and complain in Canberra about the lack of competition in our petrol market and it’s the biggest single reason that we’re paying around 15 cents a litre more than Sydney for basic unleaded here.

The cheapest unleaded in Canberra is selling for $1.51.3 per litre. In Sydney earlier in the week you could find unleaded for $1.29.9

Competition is a beautiful thing.

We welcome Origin Energy.